What’s Your Why?

Something we commonly see is a company using a basic sales pitch.
Marketing may seem as simple as having a product, showing your product, selling your product. But your customers or potential customers are being bombarded with that simple messaging every hour of every day. Plain old sales pitches have lost their sparkle. People don’t want a drawn-out spiel anymore. So, how does someone make their business stand out?


Your Customers:

You know your company is amazing and that people need your product or service. But to really find success, you need to hone in on your ‘why’ and emphasize that before anything else.

Your ‘why’ might lie within the reasons you started the company in the first place. It might be nestled in the reasons you wake up, roll out of bed and do what you do every day. It will be unique for each business or company, so you really need to narrow it down and make it personal. This will drive everything else you do.

Think about majorly successful companies you know of. They all have clear ‘why’s.

  • – Amazon: To get you the things you need faster and with less hassle at a reasonable price.
  • – Disney: To entertain, inspire, and create magical memories for every family.
  • – Pampers: To care for babies’ most basic needs and help them as they grow.

For these businesses, all of their messaging is clearly centered around their ‘why’ and is consistent across their branding, website, social media platforms, and packaging. It’s the essence of who they are and everyone knows it. It oozes out of their products because it’s the core of who they are.

Your ‘why’ will be a mission statement of sorts, but it goes deeper than that. It shows your potential customers what makes you stand out from your competitors.

Your ‘why’ is your secret sauce. It makes the rest of the information more palatable.

Once you hit ‘em with the why, you can sprinkle in how you accomplish it and eventually tell them what it is you offer.

This method will keep customers from getting overwhelmed. They like the funny picture of your dog on Instagram, read a blog post that points them to your website, and scroll for a little while. They might not buy anything that day, but it’s a memorable experience. Then, the next time they need what you have to offer, they’ll have your brand right on the tip of their tongue. Then wham, bam, thank you ma’am, you’ve got yourself a customer.

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